Praise For Doug Zarkin

Moving Your Brand Out of the Friend Zone

“I’ve had the front-row seat to the remarkable brand transformation Doug orchestrated at Pearle Vision – a masterclass in rallying a busi- ness around a singular, powerful vision. The depth of lessons encap- sulated in this journey is so profound that I dedicated an episode of The CMO Podcast to dissecting this success story with Doug himself. His book, ‘Moving Your Brand Out of the Friend Zone,’ promises to be a treasure trove of insights, a testament to Doug’s adeptness in nurturing brands from familiarity to heartfelt devotion. Believe me, any leader aspiring to forge deeper connections with their audience will find this read invaluable. Doug is not just a brand builder; he’s a creator of love stories between brands and their audiences.”

-Jim Stengel, Founder & CEO The Jim Stengel Company, Host of “The CMO Podcast,” former Global Marketing Officer of P&G.

“Doug Zarkin’s illustrious career has uncovered a wealth of wisdom, reminiscent of the lessons I’ve learned in my own journey. His unwav- ering commitment to fostering authentic human connections with his customers and his team reflects a crucial theme in my book, ‘Molly’s Game.’ In a world of ruthless competition, Doug’s enduring kindness, humanity, and empathy shine through. This book eloquently articulates and offers guidance on his heart-centered yet remarkably pragmatic and highly effective strategies, underscoring the enduring value of thinking human in business. Doug’s expertise is a testament to the transformative power of connecting with people on a profound level, and his work aligns beautifully with the core principles of my own experiences.”

– Molly Bloom, Author of ‘Molly’s Game’

“I know what you’re thinking, not another marketing book! Well, in a way you’re right because this is not just another marketing book. Doug has created a blueprint; a roadmap for anyone in marketing, regardless of level on the art and science of building a brand. And he does so by using the perfect blend of humor and conversational tone mixed with real-life experiences, of which he has many. Doug pulls back that curtain and then some to get to the heart of what market- ers, advertisers, brands, and all points in between need to under- stand in order to be successful both today and in the future. Not an easy feat I assure you. Yet that’s precisely what he has created. You can thank me later.”

– Steve Olenski, Former Forbes Writer and host of The CMO Whisperer

“Building a successful brand is the dream and aspiration of every marketer. Many play the game but few actually win. One of the few is Doug Zarkin … a master brand builder. Doug’s unique blend of intel- ligence, experience and ‘heart’ makes him one of our industry’s most powerful and influential leaders and a marketer extraordinaire.”

-Bob Liodice, President/CEO, Association of National Advertisers Inc

“Few individuals grasp the intricate dance between the human expe- rience and the digital ecosystem as profoundly as Doug. As a pivotal member of our Executive Advisory Board, Doug knows that a company’s digital presence is driven primarily by Google, and every- one needs a back stage pass. Doug has the ability to cut to the chase as fast as anyone in the business. His new book isn’t just a testament to his marketing prowess—it encapsulates his profound understanding of the potent blend of human-centric narratives and the ever-expanding online reputation ecosystem. Doug doesn’t just show you the path; he takes you on a journey of discovery and transformation. I highly recommend picking up this book—it’s more than a read; it’s an experience that promises to redefine the tenets of brand love in the digital age.”

-Joe Fuca, CEO of Reputation

“As Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Brand Innovators, I am privileged to interact with the brightest minds in marketing daily. Doug stands out remarkably in this esteemed group, known for his innovative strate- gies and genuine, human-centric leadership. His insights into brand building and marketing are nothing short of top-tier. Doug’s approach inspires admiration and passionate engagement from his teams, making him a favorite among speakers within our community of leading brand side marketers. His first book, ‘Moving Your Brand Out Of The Friend Zone,’ encapsulates Doug’s forward- thinking philosophy. It promises to be an indispensable resource for anyone eager to excel in the modern marketing landscape. I look forward to Doug signing it at our events!”

-Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder and Co-CEO Brand Innovators.

“Back when Doug’s daily ad agency work uniform was a shirt, tie, and suspenders, I saw something special in him. It wasn’t just his undeniable charisma and passion that drew me in, but a spark that prom- ised great things. That’s why I didn’t think twice about bringing him on board at Grey Advertising, eventually co-founding G-WHiZ! Youth and Entertainment ad agency.

I’ve watched Doug grow from a great presenter to someone who truly understands the heartbeat of consumers, a nurturing leader that anyone would be proud to follow. His approach? Simply human, touching lives and building genuine relationships between brands and people.

Now, Doug stands as more than a leader. He’s a living testament to personal growth and innovation in our industry, guiding brands and brand teams to connect with audiences in the most heartfelt way. I can’t recommend Doug’s book enough. It’s a heartfelt guide into the world of marketing, seen through the eyes of someone who genuinely cares. Trust me, lean in and soak up his wisdom; it’s truly inspiring.”

-Barb Martino, CEO The RoundTrip Group

“During my time with Doug as my mentor, I felt truly understood in a way that transcended the professional sphere. Doug possesses a remarkable ability to identify untapped potential within individuals and nurture it with a blend of empathy, wisdom, and genuine care. Throughout our mentorship, Doug emerged as a guiding force in my journey, helping me better understand my strengths and develop my ‘superpowers’ to bring me closer to my goals. His upcoming book not only underscores his exceptional business acumen but also offers readers the same warmth, encouragement, and insightful guidance that I had the privilege to receive. Doug, you’re not just a distinguished leader; you’re an exceptional individual who excels at inspiring the best in others. I extend my deepest appreciation to you for your transformative mentorship.”

-Viktoria Bratushka, Adweek Executive Mentee 2020- 2021, Head of Brand Activation Italy at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health

“When Doug was in college, I’d often send him clippings from news- papers or business magazines with a little note saying, ‘FYI, Love Dad.’ I just did it out of habit, never sure if they caught his eye. To this day, I joke that I’m not even sure he finished high school! But when he shared he was penning a book, my heart swelled with pride. Naturally, as his dad, I’m a touch biased. But both his mom and I have always said this about Doug: his passion and authenticity are unmatched. He genuinely adores his work and thrives on challenges as a leader and individual. So, from one proud father, give his book a go. It’s written from a genuine desire to guide others to their best selves.”

-Norman Zarkin, Doug’s dad